Velvet Revolution to be read at Script Salon on May 7! / by David van Belle

May 7 at 7:30pm, Holy Trinity Anglican Church (10037 84 Avenue, Edmonton)

In 1989, 40 years of Communist rule in Czechoslovakia were ended in ten days, when a spark of protest initiated by drama students was fanned into flame by the Czechoslovak theatre community. By the end of the year, a playwright, Václav Havel, had been elected President.  Velvet Revolution uses high theatricality to tell the story of these remarkable events, and then examines the even more remarkable actions of a new artist-led government.  A meditation on the ability of the theatre to effect political change… and on the ramifications of getting everything that you’ve asked for.

Read by Emma Houghton, Nimet Kanji, Natasha Prasad, Julian Arnold, Clinton Carew, Oscar Derkx, and Nicole St. Martin.

SCRIPT SALON showcases some of the most talented theatre writers in the region with new plays ripe for production read by professional actors in the elegant setting of Holy Trinity Anglican Church. Presented the first Sunday of every month with a different play by a different playwright featured every time, SCRIPT SALON is a bounteous buffet of sizzling comedy, drama, romance and adventure forged by the power of imagination.